The Process


Medical Repatriation

You may be on a tropical beach in the South Pacific, experiencing the wonders of South American cities, or the flavours of Asia and then suddenly find yourself in need of medical attention. In some scenarios, it may be necessary for you to head to the local hospital to seek treatment.

Depending on your location the hospital may not be adequate for your needs, or you may find yourself accidentally uninsured. Your dream vacation has suddenly come to an abrupt halt. This is where we come in with the solution.

Medical Companionship

Travelling is a wonderful way to explore the world and what it has to offer. To experience your “bucket list’ is a great opportunity to create lasting memories to share with family and friends. You may think to yourself “I’ll never be able to travel”, but why not? It is not a daunting as you think. With assistance from us we can get you where you need to be; a wedding, a graduation or simply to visit family or friends.

Your nurse has a passion for people and whilst maintaining a high professional standard of care, experience and expertise they will be on hand throughout the whole of your journey getting you where you need to be; door to door.


 As soon as you contact our team the ball will start rolling to get you to your chosen destination. Your needs are as individual as you, and so there is never a blanket solution for all clients, however, our clients are generally associated with the following levels of care:

  • Patients requiring continued medical supervision from ongoing treatment or illness, but remain in a stable condition. Majority of patients will be escorted home on a commercial flight, if logistics allow.
  • Patients recovering from an illness or treatment, who may require assistance to ensure a comfortable journey home.
  • Patients dealing with chronic conditions that may require assistance to travel.

Our team will liaise with local medical staff to enable a thorough medical evaluation to be made before travelling commences. Once your nurse has disembarked the flight at your hospital location, they will make their way to greet you and check-in on any concerns you may have about travelling. You will be able to reach the nurse allocated to your supervision at any time once initial contact is made in-country. From this point onwards a member of our team will be with you every step of the way home, ensuring a seamless transition from your initial meeting to your eventual worldwide destination.

Should you be seeking medical companionship then the process will be very similar, but we must stress that every patient is different and we will cater to your individual needs.


From the moment that you contact us, our team of experienced professionals begins the support process, reassurance and practical organisation to bring you or your family member home or to their desired destination.

Depending on the nature of the needs or illness of the patient we will recommend the type of travel after consultation during the initial contact.

Every repatriation is unique and requires individual attention to meet the needs of the patient. Our team has years of experience providing support and assistance to patients and their families.

When you are happy and accept our quote we will set the wheels in motion. If it is possible, we can leave that day.




We will make sure that it is safe for the patient to fly. Upon arrival our team member will do their own patient examination and liaise with the medical team on duty. We will make sure that they have the appropriate paperwork (we can assist with visas if necessary) and their medication.

We will be with you every step of the way, from your home to your destination or from the hospital bed to home.

We will then commence with the travel home or to the desired destination. Our team members are dedicated to you and your family. They will make sure that everything possible is done for them in a safe and comfortable manner.

We will endeavour to book you in an appropriate cabin which will give you extra privacy and comfort. It will allow the flight nurse to provide you with the extra personal attention that you require.

We deliver a Worldwide/ UK service that is a cost effective alternative to an air ambulance. We can repatriate you depending on your needs. It may be that you need a little extra help or you or a family member my need Oxygen or IV medication/fluids. It may be appropriate for the patient to be repatriated on a commercial stretcher. This would be done with careful planning and a further staff member. The Flight Nurse will also provide additional and appropriate bedding for the stretcher to ensure maximum comfort for the patient.


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