Seats on an aircraft are important. If you donʼt have a seat you canʼt travel. Where your seat on the aircraft is, is as important,to me, as the journey its self. There are lots of seat maps available online to help you make the all important decision. Do you need the window seat? Do you like being trapped by other passengers? Do you like the middle seat when you canʼt claim any of the space as your own. Are you near the toilets or galley? And so the list goes on. When checking in, online, I have noticed that sometimes the airline will block seats forcing you to request a seat that you donʼt want to sit in.

I like the aisle seat. I donʼt want to be incarcerated by others and I have a feeling of extra space when I am seated.

I laugh when you get to the cabin door in preparation for boarding and the cabin crew tell you where your seat is. Youʼll find it on the left/right of the cabin. What they fail to understand is that you have made your own way to the airport sometimes in the middle of the night. Then fought your way through the crowds at the airport, then unloaded all your belongings at security only to put it all back in the bag.

You finally make your way to the aircraft only to be told where to go. There is only one place to go. You canʼt get out again unless one of two things. 1. You land and the crew open the door. emergency and you open the door.

I have noted that some passengers become very territorial about their seat. The space in the foot well is carefully measured so as not to overstep the mark when putting the extra bag that you have managed to convince the crew to let you have there. If you go over that space a heated debate may occur.

I take all the magazines out of the seat pocket and put my own stuff in there. Take care because your personal items can be forgotten. The top item is the passport.

The arm rest is the barrier that divides us all. When resting your arm itʼs like a battle of wills. You gently slide your arm across the divide in the hope that no one will notice that you have taken more than your share. When you try and get out of a economy seat most people use the headrest of the seat in front a leverage. This in turn causes the head rest to bounce backwards and forwards hitting the passenger with their own headrest. This type of manoeuvre doesnʼt make you popular if that passenger was asleep.

Some aircraft seats are very narrow especially the ones at the emergency exists and bulk head seats. Seat belts are getting smaller too. On some seats there is just enough length of the seat belt to close around you, tightly. If you need to breath it may be done with great difficulty. When I want to sleep I ask for an extension belt so that I am able to lie on my side.

There are times when Iʼve had uninvited guests in my seat. That of the flea variety. I was very badly bitten on a long haul flight and Iʼm left with the scars of my feet as an memoir of those little cherubs.

On one occasion a fellow passenger decided to share the contents of his nose on my armrest and another decided to leave a dirty nappy in the foot well. Not nice.

In our modern world the seat is no longer just a seat. Some come with the ability to massage you across the oceans.They can be moved to a recliner position and then a bed. And of course, the more space you have the more you pay. Before I sit down I always put my hand on the seat to test for damp patches. I forgot on one occasion and ended up with wet trousers. It was not pleasant. Iʼm sure it was just water!

I often wonder how long the actual seat cushion lasts. With all the quick turnarounds the seats are never cold.


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